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Cluster munitions and landmines seeing widespread use in Syria

September 2, 2014

Institutional investors have already been taking steps to avoid involvement in landmine and cluster munition manufacturing. New reports describing the widespread use of these weapons in Syria may speed up this trend. Continue reading

German banks may be next to reach settlement with U.S. over possible sanctions violations

August 26, 2014

Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank, two of Germany’s largest financial institutions, are believed to moving towards a settlement with U.S. officials over possible violations of sanctions on Iran and other countries designated as State Sponsors of Terrorism. Continue reading

Divestment initiatives gaining ground among institutional investors

August 20, 2014

The British Medical Association has become one of the latest organizations to divest from the fossil fuel industry, which may be indicative of a new trend toward responsible investment within the health care sector. Continue reading

Ethics, Responsibility & Values

Does the SEC owe it to investors to push for corporate disclosure?

February 19, 2013

Those who support a values-based investing approach must be particularly vigilant in the search for information that identifies opportunities and risks associated with certain investments. Continue reading

Corporate disclosure of political donations a priority for more investors, businesses

February 8, 2013

The rising influence of corporate political contributions received increased attention during the most recent national election cycle. With the impact of Super PACs and corporate lobbying brought even further into the light over the past three years, the concerns voiced by many observers should come as little surprise. Continue reading

Risk Management & Investing

What should we expect after another four months of nuclear negotiations with Iran?

July 24, 2014

Despite decades of mistrust, lingering gaps between U.S. and Iranian negotiating positions, and myriad complicating factors, key stakeholders maintain that the two sides can reach a deal that will end the nuclear standoff and lead to an easing of economic sanctions on Iran. Continue reading

BNP’s $8.9 million settlement could be a watershed moment for sanctions enforcement

July 10, 2014

BNP Paribas recently agreed to pay almost $9 billion, plead guilty to criminal charges and accept other penalties to settle an investigation into transactions involving Iran, Sudan and other sanctioned nations. Continue reading


Federal agencies incorporating sustainability benchmarks into procurement decisions

July 28, 2014

The Obama Administration is setting new requirements for federal contractors to disclose information about their environmental performance. Going forward, agencies will use this data in procurement decisions. Continue reading

Stanford to divest shares of coal companies as Bank of America faces shareholder pressure to follow suit

May 9, 2014

As the risks of investing in fossil fuel companies have become more pronounced, a growing group of capital market participants have opted to reduce their financial ties to the sector. Continue reading